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Psychedelercising has two separate definitions.

A) Psychedelercising is when you load a playlist on your I-pod that is filled with intense full on Psytrance, hit play and go for an intense run or work out. The euphoria one

can achieve from combining the two elements is heavenly. Also due to the intense nature of full on psytrance music, even lazy people can go running, immediately get sucked

into the activity and even surpass there goals or expectations for the run/work out.

B) Psychedelercising is when you ingest a psychedelic drug such as LSD, DMT, Psilocybin or even Marijuana and give your mind a work out. You face yourself honestly, your shortcomings, your fears and anxieties, everything. And then you teach yourself to become one with yourself and others and make the best of your time here in this life.


A) duuuudeee i just came back from an INTENSE psychedelercising session and i am sweating balls! I swear in the middle of a song i was listening to - liberation by vibe tribe, i just stopped running and started dancing my ass off in the middle of the St.

B) Marijuana is usually like food for your brain. LSD or Tea Dazing however can be more like a workout for your mind.
by ilovemunchrooms January 17, 2011
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