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1. Term used to describe new psychology majors who begin diagnosing every person around them.

2. Psych majors who think they know everything about topics regarding the brain.

3. Inexperienced psych majors who critique famous theorists and therapists with little-to-no knowledge of how psychology works.

Freshman Psych major; "Oh my gosh! Why does she cause so much drama? She must have Histrionic Personality Disorder!"

Senior Psych major; "No, she's just a bitch. Not everyone has a personality disorder."

Other Senior Psych major; "Dude, calm down. She has Psych-Major Syndrome."

Anatomy teacher; "And this, here, is the Hypothalamus. It is responsible fo-"

Freshman Psych major; "Oh!!! It stores information and navigates! I learned that in my Psych 101 class" *Looks smug*

Anatomy teacher; "No, that would be the Hippocampus. Have you considered medication for your Psych-Major Syndrome?"

Freshman Psych major; "Oh, whatever. They both begin with 'H'!"

Freshman Psych major; "Eww, I hate Freud. He was so useless to the Psychology field. All he talked about was penises."

Senior Psych major *smacks freshman over the head with On Narcissism*
by sike_mayger February 16, 2012
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