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A "Friend" who constantly lets you down, never hangs out with you, never helps you with anything, never hits you up or bothers to visit or contact you in anyway shape or form.

A Psuedofriend will call you a friend, that's about it.

Note: a Psuedofriend is not a "Backstabber", The difference between a Backstabber is someone who's relationship intention with you, is to use you to their benefit, usually at your expense and nothing else. A psuedofriend has no interest in any type of relationship with you whatsoever, they may ask you for help, but won't hurt you in any way, however, even if you do help a psuedofriend, they won't bother to return the favor.
You: Hey let's play this game!
Psuedofriend: Later, I'm with my family right now.
Later comes,
You: Now?
Psuedofriend: I'm busy, sorrryyyyyyy

And it turns out they aren't really busy.
This behavior is repetitive, they will never comeback to you about your concerns.

Example 2:
Psuedofriend: Help me with my HW! lol
Friend: Sure.

Friend: Help me with my homeworkkk
Psuedofriend: Nooooooooo lol.
by Wofye May 15, 2013
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