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A person who is slightly a nerd or geek, yet can interact with modern society as if "normal" for his/her age. A Pseudo-Nerd can understand nerdy banter and usually interacts with the geeky topics, and can can shift to more "normal" topic such as sports or politics as if he was a different person. Pseudo-Nerds usually despise other social parties in both the nerdy category and the "normal category, such as Bro's, Skin-Heads, Weeaboos, and Fanboys, due to there closed-minded nature and super biased opinions. Pseudo-Nerds are pretty laid back people who love interesting discussions/debates, rarely give two-shits about "petty things" such as high school drama and which anime is better, and love to troll the other groups for personal enjoyment. Psuedo-Nerds are a rare breed that are vastly outnumbered by there "disliked" counter parts.
If one is a Pseudo-Nerd, usually one of the fallowing events will happen in there life-time:

1) Someone who is heading on a snowboard trip for the weekend with his friends and plays the newest pokemon video game during anytime free time he has.

2) Someone who watches the entire Cell Games Saga of Dragon Ball Z to prepare for the big Boxing game that night.

3) Someone who just after they had woken up with the biggest hangover with a ranked 9 girl next to him naked, decides it's the best time to finally take on the Water Temple in The Legend of Zelda.

4) Someone who after taking your girlfriend to see her favorite baseball team, tries to convince her to finally watch Cowboy Bebop with you instead of rushing home to see the latest episode of Jersey Shores.
by Da_Jarvis March 28, 2011
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