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When you have a best friend or good friend that is practically married to her boyfriend, never apart from him and you never get the chance to see the friend anymore, the only practical thing to do is set up a pseudo-double date. This type of date, is when you, yourself, have a lack of a serious boyfriend or someone you are currently hooking up with/exclusive with (pathetic, right) and there's no other way to see your friend without doing couple things. So, therefore, for this to be legit you must be going on your double date with the couple with a "questionable" friend- someone you clearly have no romantic interest/involvement with. That way, you can see your friend who you never ever see anymore, have fun with it (since its a pseudo double date and all)and laugh about how your friend is practically married and in denial and you're pathetic enough to have to ask some random questionable friend you'd never actually go out with on this double date. It's the new thing to do, when you have no one else and all your friends are basically engaged.
Kathy, my best friend, and Ted, her boyfriend, invited me to dinner with them for their usual early bird special at the local italian restaurant. I couldn't third wheel it so I asked my questionable friend, Brad, to be my pseudo double-date for the night. It worked out. They made out the whole night, and we just laughed at the whole thing.
by living my life April 22, 2009
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