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Can be used to describe the twat who abruptly rifles through all printed/printing material with the assumption their document has already printed. Most prushers do this while there are colleagues patiently standing waiting for their documents to print, resulting in documents being mixed up in the output bin and ending up in the wrong page order.
v. prushed, prush·ing, prush·es
1. He's just prushed again.
2. She's prushing and her documents haven't even printed yet.

3. She's on the prush.

4. He sometimes prushes when he hasn't even pressed print.

adj. prush·er,
1. My document is in the wrong order. We must have a prusher in the office.

2. Having just stapled ones 30-page document together with 4 pages missing to find the 4 pages on top of the printer is enough to make one a prusher hater.

3. I've never come across such a frustrating prusher in my life.
by jpfpreston February 26, 2013
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