Prrrt is simply the written sound of farting. It's commonly used on the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game scene, used after owning someone badly or just when someone is fooling around. The number of rrr in the word defines the lenght of the fart, so it can be very short fart "Prt" or very long one "Prrrrrrrrrrrt".
Frozzt was owned by demen
demen: Prrrrt
Frozzt: lol n1 fart

demen fell to his death
demen: Prrrt
Frozzt: BuhShuShus
by demen December 19, 2006
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The sound of a trombone. Used to describe a slut or in an awkward situation.
*ugly slut walks by*
non slut: *prrrt*

guy: I have 2 penis'
girl: *prrrt*
by checkitout69 May 31, 2011
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