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The conversation and/or actions following certain types of provocation in certain instances of woman. These actions seem wrath-ful, incensed, and condemnatory in nature.

In practice, differentiating between the normal conversation, frustration, anger, and Provoked Woman Wrath conversational stages can sometimes be difficult for the observer. However, there are some common signs. Saying things that shouldn't be said, for absolutely no reason, just to piss one off; is one of these signs.

Provoked Woman Wrath and PMS are not to be confused. They may, and often will; coincide, however there is no actual physical relation between the two. It should be noted that associating the current conversation with PMS is a good way to invoke Provoked Woman Wrath.
Woman: "For the eighth time, can you PLEASE take the trash out?"

Man: *in a minute, hun*

-minutes pass-

Woman: *empties trash on husband*,
and it is a big deal, and it doesn't happen to every guy!

Observer: That was some Provoked Woman Wrath right there.
by Charles Morris October 30, 2007
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