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A brand name brass pipe designed to smoke various types of herbs, leaves etc... it is noted for having removable components and a built-in screen which is a few strategically drilled holes and mini chambers in the bowl allowing air flow without allowing particulates over a certain size to reach the mouthpiece. The various components are designed to assist in the cleaning, smoking, preparation, protection etc..

It has a unique look compared to other types of pipes, making it easily recognizable by its brass polished base and black tipped mouthpiece. Off brand knock offs are common, they are easily distinguished from the brand name version by lack of engraved manufacturer name etc...

Due to the nature of the 'built in screen' design, a proto pipe that is not cleaned will become clogged with tar. A removable tar trap is located at the base of the bowl to keep the tar away from the screen and mouthpiece. In a "standard" pipe screens become clogged with tar and need to be replaced. Although the airway can become clogged as well in a normal pipe, the proto pipe's primary advantage is the simplicity in diagnosing any blockage and cleaning it with the steel poker.

Because the pipe is mostly constructed of brass it does not easily become hot to the touch like pipes constructed of other metals, or even glass pipes.

The proto pipe lacks the 'trippy' or themed design of many other types of smoking pipes, eschewing that motif in favor of an aesthetic that is more industrial grade in appearance, and feel.

United States Patent D259,587 "Tobacco Smoking Pipe"
Yo nizzle, I picked up a Proto Pipe at the head shop for $25, I'll never need screens again!

It still ain't no vaporz homes!
by hexpane January 28, 2008
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A solid brass pipe sold in headshops that has several unique parts to it, such as a bowl cover lid that swivels, a poker, a tar trap and a small compartment for stashing weed.
"Dude, you want to get high? I've got my protopipe."
by Jynx September 21, 2004
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Brandname and type of self contained pipe.
Has many unique features including a swiveling removeable (with alan wrench) bowl cover, screenless bowl, poker that is also used to clean the pipe and remove "tar" (resin) trap, chamber to store extra pot, and removable "tar" (resin) trap at the bottom of the bowl for easy cleaning/unclogging.
Very handy indeed
When I carry my protopipe around with me I never have to look for a poker, my bowl never spills, and I can carry around some extra sum-sum in the chamber for when the bowl gets cashed.

I love my protopipe
by Sarah Lambert March 05, 2008
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A classic, solid brass pipe often used for smoking marijuana. Rumored to have originated from Willits, CA.
Hey dude, I just got some dank, where's your protopipe?
by mikwat May 22, 2004
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