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A form of Christianity, started in the 16th century. It slightly differs from Catholicism, most notably there is less emphasis on clergy. However, Catholics and Protestants:

-Both worship the same God.
-Both worship Jesus.
-Both read the Bible.
-Both attend church on Sundays, as opposed to other religious buildings. (i. e. Mosques)
-The majority of Protestants are not violently anti-Catholic, and the majority of Catholics are not violently anti-Protestant. They just disagree on SOME issues.
-Both do not hate Jews/Muslims/etc. There are both Protestants and Catholics that do, but the majority don't, considering the Bible verses that oppose discrimination.
Here on Urban Dictionary, the average definition of Protestant is:

"OMFG thay hat catchlics so fcuking msuh.I HATE CHRISTIANS!!1!1!1111,. ROFLZ. o and hitler is my herO!1"

To all of you retarded "rebel" preteens that wrote/write/plan to write anti-Protestant definitions, grow up and open your eyes; Protestants and Catholics are very similar. Fighting over "what true Christianity is" is immature and discriminatory.

I follow Lutheranism; a form of Protestant Christianity.
by Anonym ous February 25, 2007
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