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Pronounced: Poo-roh-soo Play-ahh
The origins of the word comes from the combination of the words gosu(skilled) and pro(professional)

An e-Warrior who plays people who try to play him or her.
Prosu players exhibit skills in FPS, RTS, MMO's.

It is often said that once, every hundred years, a new prosu player is born into this world, they are indeed rare.

Prosu Players are commonly found hiding behind bushes and trees, ready to ambush an unsuspecting victim.

People often wonder why Prosu Players who are so Prosu.

Prosu Players often lawls at their victim's corpses.

You can tell where a Prosu Player has been by the path of destruction that follows them - usually littered with various corpses with chat bubbles on them with either the words "wtf" or "wow". Sometimes even a combination of the two.

The true purpose of the Prosu Player is to find the holy grail, aka the epic lulz.
Example 1:
"WTF!!! We just got rolled >.<"
"Duh, what did you expect? We were up against Prosu Players."

Example 2:
Timmy: OMG my group just got zerged hella bad
Rob: Wow, they came out of no where, there were too many!!1!
Billy: .... There were just two of them...
Timmy: Uhhh, well they must've been Prosu Players then!
Billy: OH $H!T! Prosu Players? No wonder! You got off lucky then.
by A. Kyuzo September 05, 2007
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