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The act of a female stimulating a male's prostate by inserting the toe of her foot into his rectum while wearing footwear: namely high heeled pumps or boots. The term can also apply to a woman performing such an act while wearing ballet slippers or ballet flats, although when wearing such footwear, the term is Prostate Ballet. She inserts the toe of her foot into the rectum and continues pushing in and rocking her foot until he reaches the highest state of ecstasy, at which point, she forces him to masturbate. This is a form of psychological domination or enslavement, for if this is done on him enough times in succession, he will be psychologically unable to ejaculate without her foot inside of him. This differs from prostate ballet, which is physically addictive, due to the restricted movement of toes within harder soled shoes and the angle in which the foot is positioned within higher heeled shoes, which makes milking possible only by, using the heel as a fulcrum, rocking the foot to and fro within the rectum. Some women may use prostate disco as a precursor to prostate ballet as the pointier toed shoes or boots act as a primer, opening up the male and getting his rectum prepared for the wider toe of a ballet slipper or ballet flat.
George shifted uncomfortably in his chair when he noticed Tammy in her high-heeled, black-patent, pointy-toed, mary janes. He imagined what they might feel like if his mistress would use them for her daily prostate disco, and again, he squirmed in his chair.
by Jon_The_Psychologist February 06, 2014
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