Adjective - A stickler for the pronunciation of words, akin to a Grammar Nazi or Spelling Spetsnaz, but instead for pronunciation instead of either grammar or spelling.

The FSK in the term refers to the Norwegian Forsvarets Spesialkommando, often regarded as one of the most well-trained special forces units on Earth.
Person 1: Raskaan metallin Rambona juoksen, ily Sumatran synkan yön! (Pronounced rask-aen metallin instead of ras-kahn metallin)

Person 2: Hang on, that's ras-kahn and not rask-aen,

Person 1: Why do you care so much?!

Person 2: Imagine having a language that isn't so comically broken, there are national televised competitions on spelling its words!! This post was made by the not-english gang!

Person 1: You must be part of the Pronunciation FSK, then!

Person 2: Duel me if you must, but I will die with my honor intact if you beat me!
by RadienX Chaosmaker June 19, 2021
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