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When the boss needs somebody to do a bullshit job such as a task force or any form of employee committee, but doesn't actually have a real charter for it. Since he can't staff it fulltime, he insists being asked is an honor and volunteers you to work after hours and weekends. The task is usually designated a "special project" with all kinds of BS hoopla. It usually involves no additional pay and little recognition. WTF?!
“Hey Shawn. Did you hear Rachel just received a promotion demotion from her corporate office today? The dumb bitch was so excited she didn’t realize all it meant was more work and zero compensation.”
by rachel_atl1 March 26, 2009
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Being promoted to a position that sucks worse than your current position. Your new title may include such misleading terms as "senior" or "manager" but in fact mean more hours for less pay and a false sense of moving forward in the company.
low guy on totem pole: Hey Stu, congrats on your promotion demotion last week!

Stu: (eyes red, hair greasy, piles of papers in heaps on his desk) Thanks bro, it's great finally being a Senior Manager in the office. I work 70 hours a week now but I'm making $800 more a year and I'm really valued here!
by SoFloBabyMamma March 10, 2011
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