A term referring to programming when you completely have no ideas of what to make, or how to continue. You actually know how to, but you just can't think how.
Sam: Ugh, I don't know what to make.......
Sam's Friend: Ah, so you have a Programming Block?
Sam: Yes.
by TheUrbanScripter April 7, 2015
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The act of pulling up your programs list from the start menu to block the screen and your window tabs at the bottom of the screen. Usually used at school when a prick of a teacher is making sure you're doing your work. Also used if a porn addict is trying to cover up what website he's on, such as cumfiesta.com.
Zane: Shit Wagners coming!
John: Program Block him.
(Zane pulls up his programs list)
Wagner: I'm glad to see you're not on the internet.
(Wagner walks away)
Zane:Lick my balls Wagener. (He punches DeBolck in the face)

Example 2:
DeBlock: cumfiesta.com is so great.
Lulu: Dan what are you doing?
DeBlock: (pulls up programs list quickly.) Nothing.
Lulu: Okay, I'm gonna go continue to get railed by Jeffas.
by West Milly Wagnerfuckers May 27, 2010
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