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A used up stripper and accomplished mother, Profiler40 is smarter than Einstein himself. She tends to lurk Tinychat rooms and spewing advice like a broken sewer main. The only thing overpowering the pure knowledge penetrating your ears in the form of a trucker voice is the low frequency hum coming from her 5 dollar Logitech microphone. Her lack of hobbies has driven her to keep notes on paper plates (profiles as she calls them). These "Profiles" consist of, but are not limited to: people I must ban; perma-ban list; jessizzle; cock pics I still need; and over 50 more as some speculate.
Profiler40 is a f*cking hag!

I was ear-f*cked for 4 straight hours by profiler40 last night!
by geauxsaints November 09, 2010
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