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>Pro-Sauce is a word that originated from James Chung that came from many types of suace like noob-sauce, weak-sauce, and etc.

>To be pro-Sauce, you got to have skillz (which is the fundamental bays1cs of a pro-suace) as in being pro at school work, games, and etc. Of course, it is to be completely opposite of noob-sauce, weak-sauce, and so on.
-That was pro-sauce right there.
-Damn, that kid is a pro-sauce.
-i faced this weak-sauce in school today, and i totally schooled him, that was so Pro-Suace right there, it was soo fucking pro-suace, that he started to cry. he was a noob, beyond noob.....he was a noob-sauce. example sentence from the word "noob-sauce"
by Hwan Lee August 11, 2007
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(v.) to pursue a sexual relationship with a member of one's own family, esp. a first cousin.
I'm afraid that my friend did some prosaucing during his trip to visit family in West Virginia.
by iminaband January 02, 2004
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