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A Human action taken only for the sake of and in the name of G-d, being literally "For G-d", usually one that is on behalf of other persons in need of urgent aid--such as only those who take their cause in name of G-d will provide. It is aid offered in most ernest faith and brotherhood, never for the least of material gain of any kind.
A famous example: the lawyer who takes the case of the accused man, downtrodden and racially opressed, in the novel "Cry the Beloved Country" as Pro Deo; 'For G-d'. Other examples are possible, but the phrase has fallen out of fashion--it should, perhaps, be revived.
by Mike Bishop September 27, 2007
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Short for Pro-Deordorant. Originating from the Movie "Juno," where the main character's baby daddy applies deodorant to his thighs.

In pro-deo it refers to applying deodorant to the forehead.
It's considered highly uncool to NOT put deodorant on your forehead guys!
Juno: "Yeah iMean he was being such a jerk that day."
Junebugg: "Wow Don't worry. I'm sure he wasn't pro-deo."
Juno: "You're right. Not even cool yo."

Rule #1
-If you aren't Pro-Deo, then you're not qualified to date Juno or Junebug ! :)
by Sweetie's December 15, 2009
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