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Men, mainly former special operations operators, who are hired to perform duties pertaining to personal security for government priority personnel. These teams are often referred to as WPPS/PSD, although there are other types of specialized security being performed throughout the world. They are largely recruited from SEAL teams, Delta (CAG), the 75th Ranger Regiment, Special Forces, and Marine Force Recon. These men are hired for the training and experiences they obtained during their enlistments in special operations. They are then "vetted" by a company after attending a qualification course and deployed to protect whatever Charlie Brown looking motherfucker are told to. They are in return paid a respectable salary.
Regular military personnel are also often hired to perform lower tiered contracts, for lesser pay. IE: Static security, guard gates, admin. support, etc.
Many special operation's personnel are leaving the military in order to earn the six figure salaries that are being offered to Private Security Contractors.

Women may often run into men claiming they're Private Security Contractors. If they merely ask what special operations unit he served in while in the military they will often find out the men are sometimes full off shit gate guards, exaggerating, and riding the dicks of the real contractors and soldiers. She should immediately spit in these men's faces, then go fuck an Army Ranger.... well.

Private Security Contractors live by the motto: "Work hard, stay hard, play hard."
by 275WatchMan7tre April 22, 2009
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Private security contractor, ex-military, high level commandos, trained with U.S. taxpayer dollars, who have opted to work for a contracting firm at much larger salaries than regular military and be free of the restraints and regimentation of an actual military organization, while performing work traditionally done by actual military units such as the Navy Seals, etc.
by RustyCannon January 01, 2010
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