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Prison man is a combo of the words prison and man . This ultra being is a prison cell with a face. The features of the face include, mustache, pervertish looking eyebrows, and a few hairs, mostly bald.

This being was created by a group of fresh ancients called the eson's (nose spelled backwards). This tribe is widely known in their school by all fellow memers. Prison man stops the bad guys and puts them In a prison. He also respects all wamen so he is cool and cuul.
Ex: wamen, ( ahhhh someone is trying to rape my gaping ass, help ) eson member, ( hehe don't worry respectable lady my super friend is a professional gaping ass rapist stopper, dat man will be in prison in no time ) prison man ( teehee yu are going to prison ) gaping ass rapist ( oh noo I should've worn a coondoom.....) later that day the rapist got hend cuoofed, sent to prison, and brutal murdered.
by Blu_eson_man June 02, 2018
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A man who is also half prison, and a common hero who is also famous for eating cars.
Thank goodness, prison man is here to cuff this criminal.
by the second nigerian June 08, 2018
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