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1. Prison Boss

2. Someone who undermines traditional and official authority within a penitentiary. This includes the control and pay off of all, or at least a large number of the guards. The Warden may also be controlled by the Shutcall

The Shutcall has lots of political power within the facility he/she is incarcerated in. This is usually because they run the ruling gang, or control the drug trade within the prison.

A Shutcall's most defining feature is their ability of engineering elaborate crimes. These crimes can reach outside of the penitentiary they originated in, and are almost always untraceable to the Shutcall him/herself.

Fellow inmates are loyal to the Prison Shutcall, and often cover and draw attention from him/her.
Guard A: The prisoner rumored to be running that small drug ring was found dead this morning.
Guard B: Really? I was off duty, how he die?
Guard A: Face down in the toilet, impaled by a broom. The autopsy showed he was half drown before he died.
Guard B: Was it the Shutcall who ordered the hit?
Guard A: Don't know, apparently the warden called him in for questioning but I doubt they have enough proof.
Guard B: Like every time.
Guard A: The Warden can't even get that Stool Pigeon Biggs to finger Who the Prison Shutcall is.

Prisoner A: Did you hear what Shutcall did?
Prisoner B: No what?
Prisoner A: He found out his old lady was cheating on him on the outside.
Prisoner B: What did he do?
Prisoner A: He had his Yakuza connections find the guy she was cheating with, cut his pinky off then delivered to her.
Prisoner B: Shows how far his influence goes.
by YaminoYami November 10, 2009
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