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Covered in trademarked orange and black plaid, the PUB triumphs in the Ivy League both academically, musically, and sexually. All other Ivy Bands are boring and lame, except the Brown Band. They're cool. Everyone else just wishes they could wear the plaid and wake up hungover students at absurd hours in the morning during march around. Also, after a victory at a home game, the PUB has a "fountain gig" where members get wet and play with each other, sexually, in the Woody Woo fountain for no real reason besides being awesome.
Penn (state) Student 1- "Hey, is that the Princeton University Band?"
Penn (state) Student 2- "Yeah bro, they're so cool."
Penn (state) Student 1- "How cool?"
Penn (state) Student 2- "Soooooo cool"
Penn (state) Student 1- "Man I wish I got in to Princeton, luckily we have ED."
by moardruidsandnoms April 11, 2010
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The only Ivy band that houses the Brown Band when we visit. After the game, regardless of the outcome, we go into the fountain with the Princeton University Band and play. We love 'em, but the uniforms keep triggering epileptic fits.
Brown Bandie 1: We're going to throw a party for the Princeton University Band when they come to campus tomorrow.
Brown Bandie 2: Okay, well we'll need to get sunglasses then.
Brown Bandie 1: It's okay, they won't be wearing their plaid.
by brunobear April 18, 2010
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