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A sex act consisting of two or more consenting adults, one of whom is anally penetrated by a large fruit based object (usually a pineapple) dipped in hallucinogenic narcotics that results in a major spiritual evolution and/or a fusion of the participants souls. The penetration causes a euphoric sensation that can last for hours or randomly spawn for up to a week.
Incorrect insertion can cause a major jerk of anal muscles and can result in a massive muscle tear. Chemical reactions are not unheard of and side effects include delusions of grandeur, feelings of persecution, feelings of religious confusion, and massive anal leakage or hemorrhaging.
Last night Astrid gave me a Princess Elena and I couldn't believe how special it was! I was bent over the toilet, in case I got sick, but it slipped right in and I will never be the same.

Jai Wei had a hard time dealing with my obsession with tossed salads but completely changed his mind when I introduced him to the Princess Elena.

I woke up next to a woman named Jose, and realized that she had given me my first Princess Elena while I was passed out.
by Etherial Euph August 15, 2011
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