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A 'princess breaker' needs to be used on select princess' of the world. Since they are so spoiled, pampered and out of touch, a sense of humility (via degradation) needs to be bestowed upon them. I suggest the following:
1) Do her doggy style
2) Slip out and move to rough anal sex
3) Whip it out and ask her to suck it (ATM)
4) Blow your load in her face
*5) Optional (only for those REAL bitches) is to augment Step 4 with a Strawberry Shortcake.

Can you imagine anything better to put a princess in her place?
Jim: "Last night I found this Jewish girl - WOW, she is so spoiled, but she is pretty dirty in the sake. It is going to cost me to be with her though...
John: "You know what, you need to do a Princess Breaker - then she if she wants you to spend any money on her"
Jim: "Fuck it, why not - sounds like fun"
by John Jim April 06, 2006
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