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An African Columbian ex Piru/Blood gang leader. Don't let his young age fool you. He's been in the game since he was 3! He is now reformed and is trying to unify and heal the hood, along with attempts to put gangstas in public office for the common good in the socio economic class struggle.

(Martin Luther King Jr.+ Mahatma Gandhi)X (Che Guevera + Malcolm X) = Prince Piru R.G.

In a nutshell, he remains in the darkness and prefers to work behind the scenes.
Prince Piru RG is the only person I know that can dual wield 9mm Uzis...and still have an accurate shot...all while wearing 15lbs. of bling around his neck!
by BoMan May 07, 2007
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The leader of a reformist revolutionary group that finally realized that killing a man over colors is stupid. He started "The BrotherHood of United Hoods" made up of mostly ex-gang bangers including Bloods, Crips, G.D., Latin Kings, ViceLords, and independant cliques.

He was a prominent member of the Bloods for 15 years and embraced the violence they created before he branched off and started his movement. He bangs for the good of the community and revolutionary principles on what he calls "The Oppression". Which according to him, is the root cause of most poverty and gang violence.
1) One of the few black men out there that actually have the balls to do somethin' about oppression and disenfranchisement

2) "Everything I do reflects of mah hood and mah people. I must set the example for mah *G* Soldiers to follow. I am responsible fo real people's lives."

3) "It is better for one to tread silently in the darkness than to paint a big bullseye across the chest for all the oppression to see!"

4) Prince Piru RG was tried for posessing firearms within 1,000 feet of school property but wasn't convicted.
by BoMan May 06, 2007
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