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It’s important to understand that we actually have 2 types of consciousness. The first is what we normally consider our conscious self, the verbal self, the voice we hear in our head and the voice we use to talk to others. It is like the GUI (Graphical User Interface) on your computer. We are able to communicate with the computer by way of it, but it’s not the computer. It appears to be doing all the work, but it’s not. The second consciousness we have is nonverbal--your body—it’s how you feel, and what I call our Prime consciousness, and it’s much more powerful than the other. It is like the hard drive on your computer. So in the same way that the GUI appears to be the computer, our verbal consciousness, the apparent conscious mind, is really just what the Prime Consciousness uses to interact with the world. What the verbal consciousness says, or thinks, is normally determined entirely by the conditioning received by the Prime consciousness. The Prime consciousness is the seat of all of our conditioning.
He thought his apparent conscious mind was deciding, never for a moment suspecting it was completely controlled by feel-think arising from his prime consciousness.
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