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An Indie game being developed by LukeWarm Media. So far it's going to be a classed-based multiplay shooter, although a single player "campaign" is planned. There are two teams. One is a team of mercenaries and the other is a team of dinosaurs. The dinosaur team has to try and stop the human team from completing an objective. As of this writing it is still in alpha, although closed beta testing should be coming soon. No definite DLC is planned although they have it in mind.. It will also be free of charge. Distribution on Steam has yet to be decided and console releases will depend on PC sales.

There are five classes for each team.
1. Scientist (Sniper)
2. Heavy
3. Pathfinder
4. Trapper
5. Firestarter
1. T. Rex
2. Raptor
3. Dilo (Dilophosaurus)
4. Horde (Compsognathus)
5. Scout (Pterosaur)

There will be a nemesis system set in place so that no singe class will have an advantage over all the other classes. All the classes will have one definite strength and one definite weakness.

It has broght much interest to "dinosaur nerds" as there are very few games with dinosaurs in them and even fewer that are actually good. Not to mention, in this game you can actually play as the dinosaurs.
One day I'll donate and one day the closed beta for Primal Carnage will release and one day the game will release and one day I'll play it.
by rawpower March 20, 2011
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