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A busy-body who meddles in others' business or state of affairs. This is usually a result of an insecurity of themself or stems from being over-taken by jealousy of others which removes them from the center of attention where they are used to being. This person seldom looks at themself as being the problem and often wonders why those around them do not get along well, and often times blame others for the problems. A pretentious fag should look at themselves in a mirror and do a case-study of the case-subject at which they are looking which should pre-occupy them for a substantial amount of time. By doing so, it would prevent them from making an ass of themself and also allow others to get along well.
Sentence: Move on along and stop mentioning my name and meddling in others' business, pretentious fag.
by rockytopper January 18, 2013
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