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Preshley is one of the sweetest girls out there in Earth. She does whatever she can just to make someone happy. When she’s broke and your birthday is coming up she will always get you whatever you dream of. If you ever offer to buy her something she will always be kind and decline. If you ever met any Preshley’s out there in the world then you are the luckiest person in the world. Preshley is shy, smart, has a little bit of friends, not so confident, strong, she will never talk about her problems so no one can get hurt, she’s beautiful, really funny, rare, different, and many more things but it would take years to name them all. Preshley is perfect and one of a kind. If you ever get in a fight with her don’t you should know that no matter what happens she will always love you. And if y’all get into an argument on loves each other more you will know that she loves way more and it will remain like that. Preshley is sad and scared sometimes because she feels like she doesn’t belong anywhere and that one will ever like her for who she is. Everyone needs Preshley in their life.
Preshley is rare and perfect.
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by The scared person July 14, 2019
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