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a. An urgent desire to remain in the present moment in order to savour, capture, and store every moment of love, joy, and meaning.

b. Presentalgia stems from an acute awareness of how time speeds up that evokes a careful and deep longing to pause in the moment, and freeze time.

c. To bluntly reject the promising embrace of nostalgia and yield to the present moment; enveloped in an intoxicating joy, togetherness, and health surrounding all things and beings to be loved by, and to love.

**Because life is all too short**
"I don't want to listen back to recordings of my time with my family and friends with nostalgia. I want *presentalgia*-- to feel that very same feeling while it's still there, together, happy and healthy." ~S.B.K.
by ConqueringEntropy June 16, 2017
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