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Prep Schoolers go to a Prep School, also known as a college prepatory school.

Most PSers have been in Private schools their whole lives, and even though they don't have amazing grades,
Most are still born into a spot in Ivy League schools.
(Harvard, Yale, Etc.)

These Prep Schoolers are usually rich and can get anything out of their parents which they usually do.

Most will end up taking family businesses.

Mainly guys will own businesses and girls will marry a Preppy guy;
She will own a business as well, or become a lawyer, or become a homeworker.

Their parents as well as them drive exspensive cars and the girls are known for having blow out sweet sixteen parties.
Occasionally even some guys do.

They also know how to make their private school uniform actually look good.

Most of them are good-looking and actually smart.
Prep Schooler 1:
Are you going to your father's business soire tomorrow night?

Prep Schooler 2:
I might, but I have to study for the PSATS. Are you signing up for that course?

Prep Schooler 3: Of course. Well, call the cell. I see my dad's range rover, Bye.
by PrepSchooler101 July 10, 2008
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