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Preg-rage is a term given to pregnant women who act in a very aggressive or hostile manner during their pregnancy stages, usually in an unpredictable and irregular basis.

In recent times, several prominent brutal attacks and lashings have been linked to preg-rage, which might suggest a person is less responsible for their actions. This is not always an adequate defense given that pregnant women tend to do so willingly. Further, preg-rage resulting in violent behavior may be a little more complex than it is generally portrayed in the by women; men, whether directly or indirectly related to the party involved are all blamed by women as a whole for their state of euphoric violent behavior.
Household conversation...(preg-rage violence)
Husband: "Hey babe, how are you feeling today?"
Pregant Wife: "I f---ing hate you, you did this to me!"{followed by a arm punch}

Pregant Lady at Store...(preg-rage unwarranted)
Cashier: "Paper or plastic?"
Preggo: "Wtf, do i look like I care? put the f---ng groceries up your a-- for all i care!"

Pregnant Lady At Restaurant...(preg-rage hunger)
Preggo: "Could you make this menu item with the condiments of that menu item?
Waiter: "So, you would like to have peanut butter and crackers in your spaghetti as the sauce????"
Preggo: "F-u you little peasant, you dont understand, i'm so hungry i could eat a bear, i'll cuff and rip out your balls and then shove them down your throat"
by Rubenusf March 25, 2012
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