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Sometimes, when someone is being more of a gimp than just a gimp, they recieve a gimp mask! ( see gimp mask, wearing, applcation etc )

Sometimes, they will occasionally recieve of a predictive mask though.

if you are walking along a corridor and the person in front is a gimp, or has said something gimp-like recently, as you approach a turn in the corridor, you make a noise " shhhhh " then when that person turns the corner, you shout " hrrrrrr " thus predicting a gimp mask was waiting for them round that corner, and has now applied itself to their face.

Again, like with space masks, if the person in front predicts this mask is coming, they can " bat " it away in time. by holding an imaginary bat, and hitting the imaginary mask before it is applied, therefore the applicator then gets the mask!
Boy 1: Ok, we need to turn left here
Boy 2: "shhhhhhh"
Boy 1: *turns corner*
Boy 2: Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
Boy 1: oh fuck! predictive gimp over


Boy 1: Ok, we need to turn left here
Boy 2: "Shhhhhhh"
Boy 1: Turns corner, and bats away mask!
Boy 2: Oh fuck! now ive got the predictive mask :(
by Giuseppe Mask November 16, 2009
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