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A deeply religious blind sheep which is forbidden to read Harry Potter for it is blashpemy. It is constanly lead by the icy cold hand of the Christian church towards the slaughter house of the afterlife. Performs all of its Satanic worship at Wallmart and screeches at the merest hint of humor. Stupid, blind, stuborn, and fat, it takes offense lightly unless you insult its "savior" Jesus. It mates with itself through a complicated breeding process involving oral spawning and a strance form of a porous occular mucus. New borns usualy hatch out of the sticky membrane is about 2 weeks, screeching for fatty foods which is provided by the parent which allowes itslef to be devoured by the hideous offspring.
Is that a Preciouss? Hit the dirt!!! Whip out the M16s!!! Its gonna charge!!!
(A few hours of blood curling cries and battle roars) *All is still. Dust is in the air. As its sets, the morning sun reveales the silluette of the victor. The Preciouss stands alone, surrounded by the cadavers of enemies, still clutching their weapons in rigor mortis. Its tusks are stained with blood, its fat revealed by deep flesh wounds, yet the fact stayes immoved: the Preciouss is victorious, yet again.*
by Alexander Poniz / Jake Jackson February 29, 2004
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