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A person who is in love with all animals and who cares for them. A Precia loves to play video games such as Minecraft. Also who loves to listen to music and who is sometimes depressing, Precia's are also strong. Also Precia's love canine related animals, especially wolves and dogs.
Person 1: Dude, stop being a Precia to that dog.
by DaisyGirl May 16, 2016
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Probably one of the biggest whores ever. Doesn’t know how to be loyal. Cheating is a fun sport for precia. Uses the phrase “we are just friends” over and over. Thinks she’s the shit so when she gets called out she goes to her friends because can’t fight for herself. If you ever run into a girl named precia,, run.
hi i’m precia and i’m super shy but i’ve probably already dated and cheated on your mans.
by martinsvillewhores May 26, 2018
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