A generally useless discussion section for a class at Princeton University. Large classes meet once a week in precepts, in addition to lecture. Precepts used to be taught by professors, but the quality has declined and they're now generally useless and taught by grad students.
Student 1: "Hey where are you heading?"
Student 2: "I have to go to my stupid, pointless Environmental Science precept."
by skifreak1923 March 09, 2011
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Having a preceptor class and preception.
I did not have my preception class, so I cannot be a preceptioner.
by ErinPreception November 01, 2018
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There will be a Preception especially for those who can't travel to the wedding.
by Larry Montgomery June 19, 2014
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The sign showed the students all the precepts, and the less important rules that no one listens to.
by AbbyWolf May 02, 2021
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