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A pre-fiancé (or pre-fiancée), generally the result of a long-term relationship assumed by all to be headed for eventual engagement; the designation one step above boyfriend (or girlfriend), but a notch below fiancé (or fiancée).
After he agreed six years into their relationship that someday he would indeed propose to her, Karen began referring to Craig as her preancé to indicate they weren't just dating aimlessly.
by EEKatLarge February 13, 2009
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Noun. The person you are pre-betrothed too. Your future fiancé before she is ready to admit it to either you or even herself. Usually initiated by the giving of a ring purchased for less than $2.00 in a grocery store section.
Mairzy became his preance' after he knelt down and gave her the large sparkling ring purchased for $1.89 at the grocery store.
by PB5K October 22, 2014
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