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Someone who goes around preaching to the unseen crowd. They can be found in quiet places, or if they are bold, in public, speaking to those who are not there, or to those who are hidden. Most preaching sheiks are borderline or full blown schizophrenics, though are not always crazy, as they appear to be.

Preaching sheiks give entertaining speeches and acts to the spirit world which watches them constantly. This may also be their way of praying to God in a very different style and manner.
if you happen to witness a preaching sheik in action, whether by hearing them preach or watching them put on a show to what appears to be nobody, keep in mind that you might be just the audience they are looking for.
Though alcohol and/or drugs may be involved in the sheik's sermon, they can do it completely sober. They simply choose to exercise their ability to talk outloud when and where they feel comfortable.
Guy#1: Did you see that dude drink a six pack all alone as he talked to himself for like an hour?

Guy#2: Lol, he didn't just talk bro, he danced and laughed at some pretty funny shit. By the way he was talking to whoever might be listening, he's a preaching sheik, not a nutcase.
by JaySteeze January 13, 2015
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