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an agreement signed before a breast augmentation to ensure that the male buying the boobs gets reimbursed if the relationship ends
Before Marc paid for Nicole's boob job, he made her sign a pre-nip. He wanted to make sure he was getting to use the jugs for his entertainment and only his. If she rolls his ass, he gets the money back.
by Haywood19 November 08, 2010
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Any phrase that attempts to deny critical, negative, or offensive intentions but is always followed by a critical, offensive, or negative statement.
Examples of prenips:
"Not to be critical, but (list of criticisms begins)."
"Not to interrupt, but (interruption begins)."
"Not to dismiss your input, but (input dismissed)."
"Not to be sexist / racist, but (sexist or racist statements begin)."
by jongoloid January 06, 2010
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