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Pre-Morning (The time between 3 am and the time you normally wake up, notably marked by a mid-pre-morning out of bed ritual such as eating, urinating, pooping and the like while still half asleep, normal sleep activity resumes after the mid pre morning ritual has taken place.)
Justin wakes up at 4:30 in the pre-morning, stumbles out of bed, urinates (making only half of it in the toilet, the rest on the seat.) stumbles back to bed, and passes out till 11:00 am

David wakes up at 3:00 in the pre-morning, climbs out of bed, stumbles to kitchen, makes a peanut butter sandwich, eats the sandwich, barely makes it to his bedroom, literally falls into bed with peanutbutter sandwich still in hand. wakes up the next morning realizing theres peanut butter everywhere, and he has to crap really bad.
by Helgart Mammy August 31, 2010
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