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A very fast math class that will make you squirm in pain and end up 10 days behind even though it's only been 5 days since the course started.

This class generally has 5 groups of kids:
The Human Calculators: Very smart, do all the math in their head, find it very easy and don't do homework
The Forced Mathematicians: Hate math but mom and dad force them to take pre-ap, likely already took the course outside of school.
The Passionate Gang: Kids that love math, and are good at it, but aren't always as fast as human calculators.
The AP Kids: These people take all the AP courses that they can take, including Pre-AP Functions
The Whipped: Kids who randomly joined but aren't brilliant at math, often fall asleep for 2 weeks after course ends.
Teacher: We're starting Unit 5 today.
Kid: WHAT! I'm still on Unit 1!

Teacher: What did you expect, it's Pre-AP Functions
by Dog Ford\ June 15, 2021
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