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Pre’niya is an amazing friend. They are so beautiful inside and out. Pre’niya can fight it dont matter if your big or small , she throw hands. She is extremely loyal and caring. Pre’niyas are Hadley Aries, cancer, Leo, Scorpio or Taurus .
Friend : all my friends stop hanging out with me

Pre’niya : that’s fine they wasn’t all that anyways and you got me :)
by The man who speak facts May 03, 2020
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Pre’niya is a very feisty and trustworthy friend person. She take loyalty very seriously don’t matter if it’s friendship or relationship wise. Usually very smart and loves hitting people for fun
Person 1 : My friend just back stabbed me, their so fake

Person 2: You should be friends with pre’niya she very trustworthy i promise
by The man who speak facts April 04, 2021
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