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A unique gangsta tamil girl from da hood in edmonton!! She's into big black cock, getting drunk in her crib with her homies and teasin all dem mandems with her hott booty. A Prayagha is one sexy mama even Beyonce is jealous of a Prayagha. She's one fiesty tamil tiger! Everyone wants to be a Prayagha!
Guy 1: Yo bruv, did u just see that hott bitch prayagha over there?

Guy 2: Damn right mandem... how do u no she's called prayagha?

Guy 1: Are u jokin me bruv? A fine lady like that is definitely a Prayagha! Can't u see her fine booty shakin?!

Guy 2: Oh yeah man that's one hott piece of ass right der
by crazybitch10 February 04, 2010
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