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To Pratt Daddy is the action of a male straddling a female. This can be performed on any surface, but preferably a couch, chair, or bed. Stemming from the dance move the "Cat Daddy" popularized in collage parties around the United States, the performer of the Pratt Daddy move can include an action mimicking the rolling of ones own wheelchair. This is done by moving both arms in a circular motion vertical to the ground while in the straddle position. This is most often done in a public location specifically in the presence of other peers in a party scenario.
Scott likes Rachel and they are partying with a few friends in a room at at Frat house. They have had a few drinks and the room is becoming comfortable. Being the flirty person that Scott is he approaches Rachel, who is sitting on the couch. Without second though he straddles her and starts making goofy comments and at this time may even kiss her. If the music influences him or even if he is simply given courage by his intoxication, Scott may begin to dance using the wheel chair simulation move. Either way Scott is performing the Pratt Daddy.
by Jackel Davinceti April 18, 2011
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