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Any sort of mark left from practicing a musical instrument. Sizes, shapes, and severity differ from instrument to instrument, and amount of time practiced.

These marks symbolizes the hard work and dedication the musicians put into their instruments. That, or they can't hold their instruments in a comfortable positions.

Different practice marks include the lip ring for the brass players, a "violin/viola" hicky, and some raw spots on the first finger of the left hand for flutes/piccolos.
Person 1: "Dude, what is that thing on that guy's lip? It's like a ring!"

Person 2: "Oh, it's a practice mark. He practices HELLA. It's a permanent lip ring."

Musician A: "Is..... That a hicky?"

Musician B: "No, it's a practice mark....."
by Sho Fo-Sho April 13, 2010
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