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A girl that is usually on the larger side, is very bossy but yet very sensitive towards herself, counting as selfish. Caring and the dearest to those she truly loves at heart, but if you're not TRULY in her heart... she is very quick to stab you in the back. When or if a Prabjeet has her friend(s) group she will be very exclusive to others. Mostly having clear skin and is very understanding. She can be very hot and cold, her opinion or choice can be one thing one day and be completely different the next day. She has great hair and always helps her friends out but occasionally wants something in return. Will always prioritise and is obsessed with keeping the balance in everything!
"Yesterday Prabjeet hung out with me at my house and acted as if we were best friends and I felt I could spend the WHOLE DAY with her, then at school she completely ignored me the WHOLE DAY...I don't know if I should keep being friends with her..."
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by cargerbatteryphone3862 March 20, 2017
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