Doing all sorts of things with your dick, consecutively and relentlessly
Man, let me tell you about this powerdicking spree I went on yesterday.  First, I woke up and chopped down my wood by cutting a nice hole in a cantelope melon and going to town with it, then I went out side and showed some people my new watch, then my new helicockter, then I shaved my pubes into a mustache leaving two dots for eyes ( birds eye view: :{==D ). Later, I gave a bunch of pubestache rides to a bunch of chicks and finished most of them with a Danza slap because not many of the girls knew who the boss was when I asked. Finally, I finished the day off with a few cock pushups before going to bed, fingers in butts, dicks in butts (FIBDIB).
by Eatdonutz August 3, 2010