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The Power of the Box is a term that describes why males do dumb things because females make them do it, even when they have a choice in the matter. It also refers to how the female population will generally have the upper hand if the power of the box isn't controlled from an early age in the relationship and given boundaries.
Given that males are generally peace keepers we will forever be succoming to the power of the box.
Punishment of not succuming to the P.O.T.B can result is such things as arguments, no sex, temper tantrums and loss of relationship and further pass outs to go and hang out with mates being revoked and emotional blackmail.
Dude 1: Dude, why the hell did you sell your motorbike? Power of the box?
Dude 2: Yeah dude, i had to succum to the power of the box.

Dude 1: Oi dude!
Dude 2: Oh hey dude whats up?
Dude 1: Where the hell did you go?
Dude 2: Oh dude I moved to Tasmania..
Dude 1: Why the fuck would you want to do that?
Dude 2: Power of the box my friend
Dude 1: Woah dude, I feel your pain.

Dude 1: Hey dude, why did you bail on the party on Saturday night, it was sik, we got so wasted and there was chicks making out and blah passed out and threw up all over himself!!
Dude 2: Oh dude, total bummer - I couldn't get a pass out, had to stay home and clean the house..
Dude 1: WTF? No wait, don't tell me, Power of the box?
Dude 2: Yeah dude, it sux.
Dude 1: Damn the box and damn its power!
by Brendorunduah January 31, 2009
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