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(Noun) A pair of men's underwear with specific attributes giving the wearer a feeling of confidence and business savvy. Traditionally, power briefs have exclusively been in 'boxer short' form. However, in recent years, the growing acceptance of homosexuality and "metrosexualism" has led them to take on other forms. Power briefs can generally be recognized by having gold, embroidered threads. Some of the most sought after pairs are signed by notable CEOs such as Steve Jobs or Larry Ellison. Originally, these signed power briefs were actually worn by the CEO and then signed, then embroidered. And the effects were supposed to have been ruined if they were ever washed. Due to the pervasity of fake power briefs (generally found on Ebay). The signed pairs have fallen out of favor. Usually these briefs will be worn only for important events - first dates, interviews, presentations, or major tests.
I was really sweating this presentation to the executive director and his staff, but when I eased in to my power briefs this morning, I knew I was ready to take the lead.
by NateNate PHHS94 September 08, 2009
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