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In light of recent events surrounding tasers and unsuspecting victims getting tased comes.... THE POWER SERGE!

a girl (or guy) leans chest first in the doggystyle position against a a heavy free standing object or piece of furniture. While the unsuspecting guy ( or pitcher) is "going at it" , sweaty nads and all, the girl (or receiver) secretly pulls out a hand taser (55 000 V Max) and tases the guy (pitcher) in the "beanbag" numerous times until he/she and the "pitcher" receive simultaneous Orgasms (aka "Blackout"), or until you smell burning skin and pubes.

NOTE: for a better effect, turn up the heat in the room to cause more of a "sweaty-nut" effect and in turn cause more of a sizzle

While doing a girl (or guy) doggystyle
"Man, last night this hoodrat gave me The POWER SERGE!, it was good from what I remember, but when I regained consciousness the Ho had stolen all my money and my sack had 3rd degree burns, but hell... I cant wait to do it again"
by r-m0ney December 06, 2007
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